Your Enthusiastic Tour Guide

In the 1980's , little Joey G would ride his bicycle to the local video rental store and the corner Pizzeria for giant slices of greasy, square, curly cupped pepperoni pizza from the infamous "Silvios Pizzeria and Italian Museum". Shortly after, Joey started working at a delicious pizzeria called, "Amicos" just a few blocks from where he grew up. This is when he began to really appreciate the how and why of restaurants, pizzerias, foods, and everything related. Joey fondly remembers pushing five pound bricks of Grande Mozzarella through an industrial grater, slicing pepperoni sticks in all natural casings, and baking garlic bread with cheese for customers (and most often himself). 

Detroit is a giant hub for the pizza industry with many large corporations having been born there, such as Dominos, Hungry Howie's, Jets, and Little Caesars. The big time pizzerias were always an interesting conversation however, the thousands of "party stores" and family owned pizzerias were a huge influence on Joe and his passion for pizza, food, and the industry as a whole. 

Joey pursued an acting career in New York City for a short while before he began his arts and education work in the Lower East Side in 2005. While working in an elementary school, Joey also took a job as a pizza enthusiast for "Scott's Pizza Tours", and served as a public and private tour guide for several years. This cross section brought together Joey's interest and experience in Detroit pizzerias and restaurants as well as his theatrical training, education background, and love for all things New York. A this time Joey starting creating lessons for his students which combined all of these elements and found a happy stride in this medium. 

Joey and his family moved to Nyack, NY in 2017 to start a new chapter and explore the Hudson Valley to set down roots. Quickly, Joey realized the immense storyline of culinary presence right in the village of Nyack, not to mention the abundance of diverse and very well executed restaurants, eateries, and culinary specialty shops. During the first months of the pandemic, Joey would take long walks around the village with his son and began daydreaming about bringing to life a Nyack Food Tour. Joey reached out to the culinary faces of Nyack and over a few months began to develop food tour which highlights historical Culinary Landmarks both edible and non-edible locations to visit over a three hour tour. In March 2021 Joey took a few friends on a trial walk, and since then has been leading tours each weekend for the public. 

In addition to leading the Nyack Food Tour, Joey G has also lead students from the Nyack Public Schools Saturday Academy in an educational food tour, private tasting parties for groups and families, has curated evening wine walks and other food related events.

It is an honor to lead these tours and we look forward to more excursions ahead!