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The end of August is always such an interesting time of year. Some days remain thick, humid, and hot. Other days like this morning, a cool, crisp breeze signals the beginning of autumn. Then as the morning passes, the sun reminds us that summer is still alive. The sun and the moon play with our senses and our memories. The end of August is when I begin thinking of all the types of dishes I would like to enjoy before, sometime in September, the summer becomes another memory. Scott brought home a baguette from the cheese shop yesterday and seeing it on the countertop next to a divinely ripe tomato and a purple onion my brain quickly decided that a Panzanella salad would be dinner tonight! I joined a wine club which ships to my door, and yesterday they delivered several types of rosé. These will definitely be enjoyed before summer transitions! White wines and roses should be consumed relatively quick, unlike a red wine which gets better with age. Lobster with butter, chives, and a soft roll! These are all summer staples and true gifts. Another true gift is the turning of the seasons. I’ve always lived in a geographical location that enjoys the transition of all four seasons. As I’ve grown a little older, I’ve been able to appreciate and understand the beauty of nature blossoming in the spring. Hearing farmers explain the importance of spring botanicals for their calves and the bounty of their milk which results in such a fine product. Reading about foragers who must hit the forest at the specific time towards the end of the summer to find the finest and most plump truffles. It’s all about timing and it’s all about the rotation of the planets. Watching our hydrangeas bloom and slowly, but surely become aged and wilted over each season is a gift as well. On my visits to farmers markets, I’ve met with so many wonderful cooks who already begun the process of preserving vegetables, fruits and meats in preparation of the colder months. I love this! It reminds me that we are here to work with the earth and work with the planets and understand the timing of it all. And if we do, if we listen, if we learn from others that came before us, then we can do it right. Sometimes it can all seem overwhelming and sometimes I think it’s simply a matter of slowing down to feel and to acknowledge the passing of the seasons. I hope this afternoon you are inspired to treat yourself to a sweetly, ripened plum or vine tomato ready for the plucking! Or anything else that looks delicious. Today I am so thankful for the turning of the seasons and how the world has a way of teaching us, each and every day.

Lots of love! Joey G & The JGNT Family

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