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Farmers' Market Moments

The first farmers' market I ever remember visiting was the Union Square Farmers' Market in New York City. After brunch with some fellow friends in Union Square, we happily made our way over to strut around the farmers market on that chill afternoon. Not too long after that I began working at Sullivan Street Bakery, which then became Grandaisy Bakery. And several afternoons, we would set up shop at a pop-up farmers market in Greenwich Village on Sixth Avenue. We would haul bundles of Filoni and Pugliese and the trademark pizzas up to our location and set up shop for a few hours. It was here that I had the privilege of meeting farmers and foodie fanatics. One of which was named Nina Planck, who had written a book… I’ll remember our conversation forever. The book chronicles her life on farms and also dives into several food controversies. This book was a fantastic tool and set me on the course for seeking further food education opportunities, such as a wonderful series of courses at The New School in NYC. The farmers' market and the farmers' market environment impacted me so much so that I was extremely excited to partner with the New York City Youth Market through the elementary school that I worked for. This market paired local New York farms with high school students who would do the selling and even demonstrations of the foods. We would bring the students to the market on Thursdays. They were given 'market bucks' and were able to buy local apples and peaches and all sorts of seasonal delights. The kids absolutely loved the opportunity to taste these treats, as well as have a form of payment that gave them the ability to choose whatever it is they would like. I remember several children being so excited to bring home a variety of vegetables home to their grandmothers. Now on Thursdays here in Nyack we have the same privilege of having a beautifully curated farmers' market available for our community to enjoy. And on a summery afternoon, you can hear strumming of guitars and voices singing. You may bump into neighbors or farmers or have a polite conversation about whatever happens to matter… or not! The farmers' market culture has become such a staple in our lives. We generally always search for a local farmers' market when we are visiting new cities and locations because we know that is where we will always find the most beautiful produce, fruits, meats and cheeses, but also a beautiful array of conversations and interesting folks who care about the culinary tapestry. A farmers' market is a diverse place with so many opportunities for healing through food and connection, as well as music and learning opportunities. It’s Sunday morning, and today Piermont is hosting their weekly farmers' market and I hope to get over there with my son to pick out some freshly cooked empanadas and, of course, some local peaches to devour over the week to come . Maybe we’ll see you there! Thank you so much for reading along and hoping it is a delicious week ahead!

We look forward to seeing you soon! Joey G & The JGNT Family

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