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Joey G's Top Three Chicken Dinners

Chicken. It's easy to prepare in so many wonderful ways. Read on for some of my favorite chicken dishes, ever! With cooler temperatures setting in (mostly) I hope that some of these chicken dinner experiences inspire you to create or just go enjoy a lovely chicken dinner on one of these easy Sunday afternoons! I especially enjoy a Sunday dinner that starts around 5 and ends...whenever the last sip of coffee is had after dessert! Slow, comforting, and delicious! I hope you enjoy these picks: Southern Fried Chicken - My Fathers House Southern Cuisine, Nyack NY OK, when faced with the need for traditional comfort food, Chef Adrienne, Mervin, and the entire family at MFHSC are definitely the winner winner for chicken dinner! To start? Hush puppies: crispy, chewy, sweet, salty, creamy! And the sweet potato muffin with apple/cinnamon butter. Next the mac and cheese with collard greens alongside a few pieces of the most crunchy, juicy, and flavorful fried chicken! The herbs and spices leave an umami flavor that keeps me wanting more. The smell and flavor of celery, garlic, and savory spices makes this one of my absolute favorites when it comes to chicken dinner! Zehnders - Family style Chicken Dinner in Frankenmuth MI This Bavarian-themed restaurant and food wonderland is incredibly iconic for serving up oh-so-fancy chicken dinners. Your meal will consist of breads, butters, jams, pate, cabbage salad, buttered noodles, beet salad, dressing (which is better than any Thanksgiving dressing I’ve ever had) and of course, their crispy and juicy broasted chicken. You’ll eat like royalty and can then enjoy the Bavarian Village for shopping, fudge, a giant cheese shop, and the country’s largest Christmas store! Roast Chicken Dinner at “the Bedford” by Martha Stewart. Las Vegas, NV Following an incredible basket of fresh baked breads, crackers, and salted butter we engaged with a pillowy order of pierogis filled with a creamy potato filling. Then, the roasted chicken dinner, carved up table side. The way that they create a fine layer of herbs and salt between the skin and the meat of the chicken is something magical. The crisp skin, herbaceous crumbs, and juicy tender meat made this one of my absolute favorite chicken dinners! There you have top 3! Now, here’s to your own delicious Chicken Dinners.

Happy Sunday! Joey G & The JGNT Family


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