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So Many Things to Be Afraid of This Season!

Well, as I'm out and about, I am starting to see houses decorated with all sorts of pumpkins, skeletons, witch's brooms, and all sorts of scary embellishments. Our downtowns are even becoming a little scary as well with the classic orange, black and yellow colors of the Halloween season decorating store windows. Coffee shops are offering a pumpkin spice lattes and all sorts of delicious coffee creations. Smells of burnt sugar, caramel, cinnamon, and clove somehow make their way through the entire season until they're replaced by holly and gingerbread. I love it all! At some point in elementary school, for some reason (I don't why) I “borrowed” my older sister’s copy of Stephen King's “It” and brought it to school with me. I remember trying to read sections of the book to discover what in the world was so scary about it, and who the heck was It? My teacher found the copy and passed it along to the principal and if my memory serves me correctly, my mom or dad had to come down to the school to pick it up. This whole series of events made me that much more fascinated about what could possibly be in this book. Back in those days I could also walk down to a video rental shop, grab a few slices of pizza, and head home with a few VHS tapes. This was the late 80s and early 90s and horror films were definitely in their peak. Finally, I was able to watch the movie version of It, scared the crap out of me. I loved it! Nowadays, I don’t often watch scary movies, except for when Halloween rolls around. I especially love a cool crisp day when we can crack the windows open to smell all the fall air, turn off all the lights, make some hot fresh buttered popcorn with sea salt, and curl up on the sofa with a good spooky film. As my son grows older, I have a feeling he may enjoy this tradition with me for years to come, God willing. So why do people like a good scare? This is of course the season that in our particular part of the world, we watch leaves fall and plants die and shrivel. We watch the end of harvest, and we slowly see the landscape become bare. Symbols of death are all around us as a winter creeps in. Then, just as winter creeps in, so does spring with renewal awakening, to bring us months of bright sunshine again, full of beautiful green forests and blossoms! Unfortunately, death is a very important piece of reality that we all share. For many, this is a very taboo subject, and I can completely understand that. Admittedly, it is not the most pleasant thing to think of or to discuss. I do believe, though, that the more we discuss and try to understand death, the more we will eventually come to peace with the subject. There are many wonderful people who spend their lives devoted to the subject, and I am fascinated by those people. Another piece of scare factor is the thrill that comes along with a wonderful jump out of your seat moment. For thrill-seekers and excitement aficionados, a great horror movie or haunted house is a fantastic way to get a great rush! Scott and I moved to Nyack in the fall of November, and walking around on those crisp cold evenings definitely gave me a thrill. My imagination would go wild while looking at some of the old Victorian houses and gazing down at the Hudson River and the remnants of the skeleton ship that sits in the harbor. The winding trails up through the woods and the passageways through the hills and mountains during this time of year are especially creepy and thrilling as well! Nyack is even home to an official haunted house which was made famous in court cases from a previous owner and real estate agency. I’ve definitely gone to see it quite a few times and there is nothing better than seeing it in the creepy moonlight of an October evening! Another fantastic way to enjoy a good thrill and spook is to view all of the wonderful windows painted by Nyack high school artists during the month of October. The imaginations of the young artist go wild with expressions of vampires and witches and modern day spooks as well! I love it! I love it all! To celebrate all of the smells, sights, and spooky sounds this season, I am offering up a specially themed Friday night tour. On this tour, you will learn about some more of the haunted history of Nyack, while enjoying classic fall-themed bites and drinks. Everything from pumpkin beers to warm savory bites! And if you have any stories that you would like to share, they are very welcome as we enjoy an evening, devoted to all things spooky and delicious! The Haunted Nyack - Beers, Bites, and Boos tour heads out on Friday, October 6, October 20, & October 27 starting at 6pm! Hoping you have a fabulous October and remember that famous quote: "There’s nothing to fear, except fear itself."

Best! Joey G & The JGNT Family

PS Tickets are now available for The Haunted Nyack - Beers, Bites, and Boos Food Tour.

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