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Where It All Began...

Ever since I was a tiny kid, I remember being so in love and fascinated by food! Growing up in the metro Detroit area was fascinating because it offers up so many diverse options from the culinary world. At “La’Shish” in Dearborn, Michigan, I enjoyed some of the most amazing Middle Eastern food, and I remember watching a little beautiful lady throwing tiny pieces of dough into a clay oven, and as it would pop up on the sides and blister, they would begin putting it into baskets, bringing it to our tables where I would greedily dip it in bean dips and eggplant. I also remember fondly very early on getting haircuts in my Grandfather Hiram‘s basement by uncles and being rewarded with a red vine licorice followed by a antipasto salad and a square thick bakery cut pizza. Was it homemade or bought from the bakery? I’m not sure, but it was unique: soft on the inside and lightly crisp edges with pillows of mozzarella cheese and sweet tomato sauce. I started working quite early and spent much of my time at Amico's Pizzeria in Redford, Michigan, prepping salami and pepperonis and making pizza and tomato sauces. It was a complete joy! Later on in high school at a part-time job at Chimento’s Italian Market in Livonia, one of the owners patiently taught me how to dredge and bread chicken cutlets with his homemade bread crumb and parmigiana/reggiano mixture and deep fry them in huge vats of hot oil! I spent the afternoon watching that chicken breast sizzle and crisp to perfection. I had found a sense of joy and love for cooking, and also for business! Food is such an important key for communication. Sometimes words cannot convey feelings, however, actions, and somehow feeding someone does. Food can heal from the inside out, and food can also damage, if not properly understood and honored. Food is a celebration and this is the reason why we love celebrating the Nyack Culinary Landscape and its amazing variety of chefs and makers! I would love to hear about your stories as well. Hit reply to this email and share a foodie memory with me. (With your permission, I would be happy to post on our Instagram feed to honor your own lineage to food, family and friends !)

We look forward to seeing you soon! Joey G & The JGNT Family


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