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I had so much fun on Joey's G's tour- I can't even explain. He really knows his stuff and makes everyone so comfortable. The business owners on the tour were really special and inspiring, especially over the past year- this was a much needed safe and joyful venture out of isolation. The sense of community was refreshing. And the samples! Thank you Joe for spreading happiness, enthusiasm and GREAT food to the world. Bravo!

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Thank you, Joey! What a wonderful experience. This was one of the most fun days I have had in a long time. Joey was amazing. He was friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the community and local business. It was a pleasure to walk around Nyack (my first visit) and experience the tastes of the town and learn lots of historical details about the location, which is glorious on a sunny day. I look forward to visiting again this summer with friends. Thank you!

Google Review - 5 Star

We had such a great time on the food tour. Joe has a wonderful energy and is so knowledgeable about nyack and the people who live there. We are delicious samples at each stop and we met some cool new Nyack locals and some people from out of town. Highly recommend this outing to all !

Google Review - 5 Star

Joey is extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to be around.

His tour of Nyack was very engaging with the local business community.

Google Review - 5 Star

Joey G was incredibly personable, kind, and knowledgeable about the area. Highly recommend to anyone looking to sample local cuisine and explore the area!

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This was an incredible way to spend a summer afternoon! Very fun and informational... and of course tasty! 
Joey's tour featured a wide variety of food and cuisines--left feeling very satisfied. You must try the okra at 'My Father's House'

Joey's energy created such good vibes throughout the tour, very personable and genuine. Felt like it was a group of old friends exploring Nyack together. 
I can't wait to come back to Nyack and try another tour. It was the perfect excuse to leave the city for an afternoon.

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This was one of the best experiences I've had in Nyack. Joe's fun personality and expertise not only highlights some of the best local dining spots in town, but also sheds light on some historical landmarks that helps to paint a beautiful picture of Nyack. This food tour with Joe got me outside, meeting new people, eating some really good food, walking around town, taking in the sun, learning about the history of the town, meeting the local chefs, and more! Thank you Joe for an awesome way to start my weekend and I look forward to telling all of my friends and family about this awesome experience.

Google Review - 5 Star

Wonderful!!! Joey knows Nyack and knows food! It's a very educational and delicious experience as you learn about the history of Nyack and the many restaurants/culinary experiences they offer. So much fun!

Google Review - 5 Star

What a blast! Who knew there were so many hidden gems in Nyack? This tour was such a refreshing, exciting day for my whole group of friends. We had peeps from CA, NJ, and across the river in Westchester, and everyone was amazed at the diversity of cuisine, the clear tasty factor, and the fun of trying a bunch of new things. Joe is amazing guide--helpful, knowledgeable, energetic, and warm. We learned so much about Nyack, but a great balance to the info we learned about the food. We got to chat with chefs/owners, and feel like we were VIPS. Don't hesitate, take the whole family--this is a great experience!

Google Review - 5 Star

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