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Change is In The Air

Life is so full of transitions. Seasons, jobs, age, school, loss, and joy all seem to transition, and sometimes without warning. Sometimes transitions are totally necessary and sometimes they are totally stressful. Regardless transitions are always sure to come. Scott and I decided to shift our careers in an entrepreneurial direction a few years back. Owning an arts studio and the Food Tour company is definitely a dream come true. Additionally, being able to express our love for cheese and wine and all things delicious, like we do at Scott & Joe, is something that Scott and I have shared since the day we met. These endeavors keep us pretty busy. There are always new obstacles presenting themselves, new ideas floating to the surface, and always new adventures in store! For example, last week I worked with a client of mine to create a White Plains Food Tour event for his team of 45 folks from all over the tri-state area! Yes, I have been to White Plains and had some idea of its variety of culinary landmarks, and then when I started planning out a more structured path for the tour, I started to see so many more wonderful opportunities: amazing chefs committed to their craft and historical culinary stories that I felt were interesting enough to be shared. It felt wonderful to experience the enthusiasm of the guests touring around downtown, excited to try the next tastes and see what was around the next corner. Last week we also kicked off our second year with Yes Tours New York, a New York City-based company that organizes cruise-line tours for guests to enjoy excursions. They invited us to offer their guests a tour in Nyack. The tour that I created for them focused on Broadway and Main Street here in Nyack as a microcosm of what that means in America. It also highlights our incredible partnership with RCC Hospitality and Culinary Arts Center, which provides an incredibly rich amount of information, history, and tasting on the tour. On each one of these tours, I begin by asking guests where they are from. I hear Texas and Pennsylvania, and everywhere from California to New York! I love the opportunity to showcase my community to these folks from all over the country. Especially during one of my favorite times of year, when we can enjoy the bounty of New York State apples with amazing fresh apple cider or an apple cider donut! It makes my heart very happy to see Joey G’s Nyack Food Tours expand and diversify our offerings. This is ideally what businesses should be able to do: grow. In support of this growth, over the next few months we will be announcing a new name for the tour company as we expand our tours beyond Nyack, to explore much more of the Hudson River Valley region and all the culinary delights and fascinating history it has to offer. Over the last few years of leading Public Food Tours here in Nyack, I’ve been gathering ideas from guests about many wonderful places to explore, eat and learn from in the surrounding area. Additionally, I will be leaning into your advice over the next few months as we begin developing a series of Hudson Valley Food Tours, which will go live starting in the spring and summer of 2024. If you’ve ever joined one of our Food Tours, I am sure that you’ve understood the goal: to explore and celebrate people and places that are rich with stories, culinary delights, and lineage to learn about. Another goal is to bring people together for an excursion that gets you away from your regular life for a few hours...some time that helps you forget any troubles or strife or the stress of transitions happening in your life. We hope to bring a little more joy into your life. These are the ideas and goals that will be at the front of my mind as I am developing the plan for next year and hopefully many more seasons to come! Thank you all so much for taking a few moments to read these Sunday morning blogs. I really enjoy writing them and sharing my ideas and thoughts with you! May the month ahead bring love, peace, and lots of wonderful food! And if you have any ideas of places to visit, that you think should be included on one of our future Food Tours, go ahead and send an email to let me know: info[at]!

Best! Joey G & The JGNT Family

PS Tickets are now available for The Haunted Nyack - Beers, Bites, and Boos Food Tour. Click here to get your tickets today.


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