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The Value of Stepping Away

Good Sunday folks! This week I’ve been blessed to spend some much needed time with friends and family in Greenville, SC for some healing, resetting, and of course exploring the culinary landscape. This weekend is also the “Fall for Greenville Festival” with an incredibly wide variety of food tastings, wines, beers, and several stages hosting all sorts of musical talents. It’s been a treat! I think the most important part of this journey was to be able to unplug and unwind from everything. It’s been quite a while since I spent some time with my self focused on letting go of unnecessary stress and anxiety. The South has definitely provided a sense of slowing down! It also provided some interesting insight into all of the possibilities that life has in store for each of us. I’ve mentioned before that Scott and I traditionally over the years put a pen to paper when it comes to creating goals and setting intentions for things we would like to create together. This truly works! Obviously one does have to make steps little by little to make these ideas manifest but slowly, and surely they will! As the season of thankfulness begins to unroll, I would like to just take a moment to say thank you for reading this, and also give thanks to the universe for the peace that we have been able to find in our lives and in our little family. I think ultimately the intention of these Sunday emails is to remind folks to truly stop and unwind and care for yourself. When you do this, ultimately, you will be taking care of those around you that you love. I believe it will even impart kindness and love on strangers you may not even know that you will bring joy to. So...however, you unwind or step away and reconnect with your spirit, make sure to take time to do that today for yourself. And as you know, our Food Tour experiences are also all about stepping away and having some fun with a community of people who love and enjoy food and culture and the power of love! So come join us one of these days. Sending big hugs on this beautiful Sunday and can’t wait to share with you more adventures and thoughts next Sunday!

Best! Joey G & The JGNT Family

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