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Loving Nyack

Have you been to the magical land of Nyack? If you have, then, you probably have understood the unique charm and rich spirit of this village and the Hudson Valley region. Original home to the Lenape clans, it was and is a rich environment for hunting, fishing, and farming in. I was recently reading an article about the oysters of the Hudson River, and the other fantastic aquatic creatures living in their majestic home. I don’t know anything at all about hunting, but on walks or drives around the valley and mountains one is sure to spot many glorious creatures of the woods. The skies and trees are home to stunning feathered friends - strong and hefty winged adventurers. The hour before sunset, our skies can’t be beat and local artists capture those breathtaking moments with water colors, acrylics, or oil paints. Walking down Broadway or Main, you will find many unique restaurants offering up all sorts of cuisine, cocktails, and fabulous desserts! This is why I personally love a Food Tour - because there are so many delicious options! With a Food Tour we don’t have to settle on one or two options we can try a whole bunch! Another thing I love about Nyack is that so many of these storefronts, restaurants, bistros and businesses are owned by its locals. Speaking of local...what better corner bar to enjoy a tasting of regional craft beers than “The Local Tap House of Nyack” on South Franklin? After a few taste, you can head on over to the Nyack Community Garden. This is a wonderful time of year to see giant squash, beans, and other vegetation that is native to the rich soil of the Hudson Valley. Next up, take a stroll over to South Broadway for an amazing espresso at Salonierre and then over to Piermont Creamy for some delicious ice cream or a personalized affogato! We also have wonderful shopping for all sorts of goods: from books to chocolates and cheeses! And don't miss Sniff-A-Pickle for hilarious gifts too! So the land, the shops, the eating, the views… what more could one ask for? Do you truly enjoy all of these gifts? I believe it is one thing to be able to do it by oneself, but a whole other thing to be able to share with others. It is wonderful to take a stroll and contemplate and be thankful and keep that to myself. But there is also something very magical about being able to verbalize these simple joys with other people. The expression 'to stop and smell the roses' is so powerful. These are a few of the reminders that I am reminded of each day by the people of Nyack and the friends we have here and those we’ve known before. The people are absolutely beautiful in Nyack. So many organizations set forth to honor the land, such as the amazing talents of the Pollinators Pathway Organization! The other week before I started leading one of the Nyack Broadway and Main Hudson Line River Cruise Tours, I noticed many volunteers working on the historical John Green house together, bringing this piece of history back to life. So if you have not been here or if it has been a while, take a visit to Nyack! I I’d be happy to show you around! And if you're a local, take a moment, the next time you walk into town, to notice the magic all around you. This morning I give honor and thanks to all those who came before us in whatever means, in whatever way, and whatever misfortunes happened along the way. Giving thanks and gratitude. Have a fabulous Sunday folks!

Best! Joey G & The JGNT Family

PS Tickets are now available for The Haunted Nyack - Beers, Bites, and Boos Food Tour.  


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